Trance-Formational Learning

Empowering You to Create Your World
From the Inside Out


"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned
so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”
Joseph Campbell


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This is a simple, yet highly effective 5 module online course that helps you to learn self-hypnosis in your own time. Each module comes with a different audio for you to listen to, and these audios will assist you to start, improve and then consolidate your self-hypnosis practice.

There is additional material for each module which you can  to read or watch. It is in written format on your screen, with accompanying videos and additional PDF handouts for you to download. This "reading or watching material" should take 20 minutes or so each week.

Note: The material on this course is pre-recorded, and you have access to it for as long as you like. So, you can do the modules in your own time frame. 

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This course is a series of online "episodes" over 7 weeks' worth of live sessions. Each week we talk and work through one of the chakras talking about potential blocks and potential solutions to help you to flow through that part of your energy field, and makes your manifestations that bit more mangeable.

Each week's "episode" is recorded so that if you can't make it live then you can listen and watch again in your own time. There will also be a short "live" sound healing recording that will be available to download for each of the chakras.

The course also comes with weekly homework suggestions designed to help you enhance the flow of your inner reality so you can manifest your inspirations into reality more often.

Starts Again Thursday 6th June 2019 7.30pm UK time

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Great value at just 99 pence…It includes the following free tracks

The Inner Smile
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

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And many more at very reasonable prices…including "Sugar Free Me", "Problem Resolving", "Money Does Grow On Trees", "Empowered Eating Choices", "Cutting Cords", "Letting Go with Ho’Oponopono", "Journey to a Positive Past Life", "Love Your Self" and many more...

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Hypnosis and Regression Training

Professional Hypnosis and Regression Training courses, which are fully accredited by the GHR/GHSC. 

These hypnosis and regression training courses are run by professional trainers who have years of experience and expertise of running courses.

Note: only a small part of these courses is online. 

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Gifts for Your Soul

This lovely book contains a collection of simple healing techniques that are easy to carry out on an everyday basis, and in some cases are essential to your ongoing well-being. Putting them in one place in a comfortably sized volume means that they are more easily accessible and thus easy to remember, use, and integrate on an everyday basis, benefiting you on an ongoing basis.




If you have any questions about any of the courses and want to find out more, then do feel free to ask questions. Otherwise make sure you are signed up to receive updates and discounts for future courses.


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