Energy Management for 2020 (and beyond) 

This is a very interesting and highly practical 5 week "Live" online course that helps you to get a handle on your energy management - perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself in these turbulent times in which we live? 

We start live at 7.30pm UK time on Monday 17th August 2020. And this all takes place in the comfort of your own home.  


What's This Energy Management Course About?

Energy is everything - it is your thoughts, your emotions, and your behaviours and even your physical body is essentially energy. Patterns in your life, relationships, physical stuff in your home - it's all energy. When you change your energy for the better then you can change your life. And that’s the goal with this course – everyday energy management ideas and techniques that you can use to benefit you on an ongoing basis. This course on energy management helps you to get a handle on your own energy management by using simple, yet highly effective energy management techniques.

There are Many Benefits to Managing Your Energy 

Improved energy management generally means a few things...

- You let go of unnecessary stress and tension i.e. you're calmer
- Less time being drained by other people and situations i.e. more energy for you.
- Better and more nourishing sleep

- A greater ability to control yourself in anxiety type situations

- More positive self-talk

- A strengthening of natural self-healing powers which results in improvement in the body’s immune system.

- A greater ability to focus on what’s important to you 

- A greater feeling of confidence with other people and in public places

- A general feeling of "well-being" that positively affects your life.

What Happens Each Week?

On each week of the course there will be brief introductory talks, and then there will be concise practical exercises that we will carry out live and online. Afterwards there will be available time for feedback and questions. Each week's session is about 1-1.5 hours long (depending how many people on the course) 

Each week will be a different theme, or even themes. Grounding, protection, clearing your energy, managing stress, clearing your space, relaxation time, coping with business and keeping your vibes high will be some of the themes. 

Some of these themes may be familiar to you like grounding and energy protection, however what's likely is that I will offer you new perspectives on these tried and tested methods of energy management.

There will also be "homework" each week which will be essentially be putting into practice what we have done on the course that week. The homework is "optional" however what's the point in doing the course if you aren't going to use it??

The live video from each week will be recorded and will be available for you to catch up on if you miss a week or even re-visit. Equally, the practical exercises we do will be also be recorded separately as audio and will be available to download. 

Note: The material on this course is live and not pre-recorded,
and you have access to it for about 4-6 weeks after the course has finished. So, you can each week in your own time frame, or even do them time and time again. 



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