Learn Self-Hypnosis

This is a simple, yet highly effective 5 module online course that helps
 you to learn self-hypnosis in your own time


There are many recognised potential benefits to learning Self-Hypnosis

  Stress reduction / relaxation

  Greater ability to clear mental fog and improve concentration

  Improving sleep patterns

  Confidence building

  Anxiety control

  Improve your self-talk

  Performance enhancement - sports, arts, learning etc.

Lowering blood pressure

 Builds resilience to helps change habits - healthier eating habits etc.

  A strengthening of natural self healing powers which results in improvement in the body’s immune system.

  A general feeling of "betterness" that pleasantly pervades all areas of your life.

Each module comes with a different self-hypnosis
audio for you to listen to, and these audios will
assist you to start, improve and then consolidate
your self-hypnosis practice.

There is also additional material for each module.
It is in both video format for you to watch, or
download via PDF handouts. This "reading
or watching material" should take 20-30 minutes
or so each week, and then it's up to you how
much you practice the self-hypnosis.

Note: The material on this course is pre-recorded,
and you have access to it for as long as you like. So, you
can do the modules in your own time frame.


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